Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Sliver for Fishing

I have a drainage pond one house down from me and I can see it from my deck.  There is a sliver of open water at the edge of the pond and a great blue heron is taking advantage of that little bit of water to fish.

It is hard to believe that there are actually fish in this pond.  It doesn't attach to other lakes, but I know there are at least bullheads in it.  There may be a frog or two too.

Ducks are also drawn to this pond when it is open.  I see mallards, wood ducks and hooded mergansers regularly.  Occasionally, I have seen scaup, blue-winged teal and a lone bufflehead.

It is amazing the kinds of wildlife this little bit of water can attract to my neighborhood.  I am so thankful.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Real Harbinger of Spring in My Backyard

Many think the American Robin is the first sign of spring, but since I have had them visit sporadically throughout the winter, this isn't the case for me.

My true spring harbinger is the Red-winged Blackbird.  This bird tends to be quite reliable in bringing excitement when it first wheels into my feeding area in March.

My husband and I look for it in its glory around St. Patrick's Day.  This year it was a bit late.  A few people around Minnesota spotted it sooner, but our quartet showed up at our neighbor's feeder on March 22.

The harsh winter has definitely thrown them off a bit, but we forgive them.  Let the spring procession begin!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Replacing Frustration with Action

Lately I've been feeling a little down.  Gee, do you think it might be the weather? Maybe, but it doesn't help when a colleague announces at a meeting that he has just published a book on a subject near and dear to my heart -- a photographic book on eagles.

Also dragging on me is that I submitted proposals to three work-for-hire publishers and haven't heard a peep. Seems that's the story of my life.

Then I read an article by John Green about the girl, Esther, that inspired his book The Fault in Our Stars.

The article kicked me in the butt and made me realize there are people out there with much bigger problems than my pity party topics.  My life goes on and I must keep trying and fighting like Esther and there's a chance some day my writing will be recognized.  I will continue write and submit.  Onward....

P.S. spring is finally coming and so are the birds!