Sunday, June 1, 2014

Beautiful, But Brief

I have woodland wildflower gardens in both my backyard at home and at our lake place up north.  The blooms in these gardens are usually brief, so you need to enjoy them when you notice.  Some blooms, like Bloodroot, only last a few days while others may last a week or two.  Then they are gone.

I spent the last week at our lake place and timed it just right to observe the yellow ladyslippers pop open.  I could have easily missed them because they only remain open for about a week.

The Trilliums were about to bloom at home when I left, but when I returned home they were almost done. Thankfully, I enjoyed them along the roadsides as I returned from the northern climate.

Bird migration has mostly wrapped up in southern Minnesota, so my interest outdoors turns to other things like my woodland and prairie gardens.  The first flowers to bloom in my prairie garden are the Golden Alexanders.  They were surprisingly here to greet me in full splendor when I returned.

                                                         Yellow Ladyslipper