Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

A wonderful day to everyone!

I have had a lot of trouble and frustration with my eBook.

Hope to have it functioning soon.

I had a few birdy things happening this week.  Two not-so-common birds hit the windows at work.  Northern shrikes that are a meat-eating songbird were found.  It was sad, but it was also kind of neat to see these birds up close.

That same day a peregrine falcon sat on the roof of our building, looked at me through the window and squawked at me.  Some call me the bird whisperer.

I hope everyone has a good holiday.  I like to reminesce about our Thanksgivings as a kid.

I have yet to create a story about this holiday.  Maybe an idea for my next project.

Til next time...

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