Friday, December 20, 2013

Invasion of the Big White Mouse Snatchers

From the far frozen tundra these creatures float down on silent wings to take advantage of the many rodents residing in the wilds of the United States.  The white ghosts I am referring to are gorgeously cloaked snowy owls.

These birds are showing up by the hundreds as we speak to places as far south as North Carolina.  Their favorite food, a cute little rodent called a lemming, are scarce right now where the owls normally live.

It is thought that about every four years or so lemming populations crash. Scientists now think that if the owls had a successful year of breeding this past spring, the competition is stiff for food.  This sends the owls south in search of better hunting grounds.

Keep your eyes peeled because these birds hunt in daylight.  You may be lucky enough to spy one of these beautiful invaders.

Adult male owls are almost all white

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