Friday, November 14, 2014

Trumpeter Swans Everywhere!

I just spent a week up north in the frigid weather.  On my way up, I spotted two places along the road where I could have pulled over to take pictures of Trumpeter Swans.  Since I wanted to get up north asap and I had my parrotlet in a cage behind me that needed to stay warm, I passed on a perfect opportunity.

Early in the week my husband and I stopped at our dock on our lake to check on the progress of a beaver lodge that had popped up near our boat landing and sure enough, while we were there a flock of a half dozen Trumpeter Swans flew across the lake away from us.

On the second to the last day, my husband's bad luck turned into good luck for me.  He stopped to talk to our neighbor and locked his keys in his car.  He came back home to look for his combination for his lock.  Luckily he found it.  He mentioned that at this very moment our neighbor had up to 26 Trumpeter Swans below his house on the lake.  I grabbed my camera and headed to the neighbor's yard and was able to click off about fifty shots.  My hands turned to ice, but it was well worth it.

A family of Trumpeters stands on the ice as they preen

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