Monday, January 2, 2017

A Novel Reading Marathon into the New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

I spent my Christmas vacation reading three novels and two books about living in the north woods.

Two of the novels were children's novels and one was a romance by James Patterson. The children's novel, "How to Steal a Dog" by Barbara O'Connor and Patterson's novel, "Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas," were captivating.

The second children's novel was by Kate DiCamillo and even though I like most of her stories, her "Raymie Nightingale" didn't do anything for me. The plot seemed flat.

I'm obsessed with reading stories about living in the woods in Northern Minnesota because I dream of living there when I retire. My husband is less than two years from retirement, but I still have seven years to go and yes, I guess I am counting.

I'm already in search of property up north, but it not progressing fast enough. In reality we only have three years to find the perfect property because most people don't sell in the winter.

I think I will join a new critique group for my 2017 New Years Resolution. Hope 2017 will be propserous for everyone!

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