Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Most Snow of the Season

We just had the most snow ever for the season here in Minnesota.  The roads haven't been this bad in 25 years.

The temperature is colder again and cabin fever continues to loom.  As the days lengthen though, the birds don't seem to care about the weather and continue to behave like spring is coming.

I had a flock of American robins at my heated bird bath and the Northern cardinals and black-capped chickadees are beginning to sing. The great horned owls are hooting and I suspect they are getting ready to hatch their eggs any day.

Speaking of eggs, we have a crazy bald eagle pair nesting somewhere in St. Paul that is sitting on two eggs. This is early for eagles with eggs in this neck-of-the-woods.  We know this because the MN DNR put a web cam on this nest.  They can be viewed at:

The poor female is up to her neck in snow. Yikes!

As the temperature continues to hover near freezing, March will arrive in Minnesota like a lion and we can only hope it will leave like a lamb.

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